Andrei Roiter (b. 1960, Moscow) lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. Roiter's multimedia practice negotiates being a wanderer in his homeland. His sculptures and installations often serve as "props" for his photorealist paintings, thus translating found and discarded objects into poetic, meaningful paintings. 


Recent solo exhibitions include Roiterdam at Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Reiskoorts/Wanderlust at De Halllen Haarlem, Haarlem, Netherlands, Traveling Questions at Espacio Micus, Eivissa, Spain, Drawings & Objects at Galería Manuel Ojeda in Las Palmas, Spain, Thank You at Galerie Akinci in Amsterdam, Inside Out at Laura Bulian Gallery in Milan, Open House at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Multitude and Solitude at Galerie Giséle Linder in Basel. Roiter has participated in High Horizon-Brueghel Land at the Stedelijk Museum Wuyts -Van Campen and Baron Caroly in Lier, Belgium, Russian Atelier on the Amstel at the Hermitage Amsterdam and I Love Holland: Dutch Art after 1945 at the State Museum Stedelijk in Schiedam, Netherlands. The artist has also exhibited in Monument Mondrian at the Mondrian House in Amersfoort, Netherlands, Freestyle at the Fundación Cajamurcia in Murcia, Spain, Scope, Escape, Hide at Galería Fúcares in Madrid. Other recent exhibitions include 12+12: Wine and Dreams of Art at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, Netherlands and ZigZag Dialogs at the State Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Stuttgart.


Roiter received his Master’s degree from The Institute of Architecture, Moscow in 1980. He has exhibited across America and internationally for nearly forty years since his first solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1990. Recent solo exhibitions at museums include the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,  The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the  Moscow Museum of Modern Art. 


Public Collections most notably include the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Malmö Kunsthall, Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands, Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, Lembachhaus Museum in Munich, The Gori Collection in Pistoia, Fundación Barrié Collection in Galicia, Spain Sal. Oppenheim Collection in Cologne, Deutsche Bank Collection in Germany, Goetz Collection in Munich, Siemens Photo Collection in Munich and the Akzo Nobel Art Foundation Collection in the Netherlands.