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Elizabeth Jaeger’s sculptures embed common figural elements in existential concepts of reality and perception. Sculptures like elongated human bodies with mask-like faces, truncated torsos, greyhound dogs, empty furniture or vases typically start with a personal experience or event. From there, they unfold a larger picture of phenomenological concerns. Despite a seeming familiarity with the objects’ figurativeness there is a sense of disquiet and subtle uncanniness inherent in Jaeger’s work which challenges the viewer’s relationship to their own physicality, their surrounding and their consciousness. 


Elizabeth Jaeger (b. 1988 in San Francisco, CA) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include Holes at Jack Hanley Gallery, Piece of Cake at Night Gallery, itself and else at Klemm's in Berlin, and Gutted at Mister Farenheit. The artist has participated in numerous group exhibitions including How To Survive at the Sprengel Museum, Hannover, DE Mirror Cells at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Moma PS1's Greater New York, Sculpture Center's In Practice: Fantasy Can Invent Nothing New, 99 Cents or Less at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and the Aspen Art Museum's Zombies: Pay Attention!. The artist has also recently exhibited in Best in Show at Jack Hanley Gallery, Licking the Walls at Callies in Berlin, Persona and Parasite at White Space in Beijing, The odds are good and the goods are odd at Lisson Gallery in New York, SUPERMOON at Clearing in Los Angeles, And still no rain at Daniel Faria in Toronto, and Sea Show at Winter Street Gallery in Martha's Vineyard. 


Publications include Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramics in Contemporary Art (Phaidon, 2017) Dreamers Awake (White Cube, 2017)  Eros C’Est La Vie (Totem, 2013) and How Other People See Me (Publication Studio, 2011). Additionally, Jaeger co-founded and operates Peradam with Sam Cate-Gumpert, a publishing house specializing in artists’ books.