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Nayland Blake and Alix Pearlstein

June 3 – July 3, 1993

Wood cutout of cartoon figure
Wood cutouts of cartoon figures stuck together
Banner of black witch on white background
Leather hood with crosses
Constructed hood with cross eyes
Drawing of cartoon figure
Installation view of postcard sized images on gallery walls
Postcard sized images of wintertime
Postcard sized images of figures in water
Postcard sized images of waves
Postcard sized images of chicks and round objects
Postcard sized images of people blowing bubbles
cartoon figure hanging upside down
cutout of cartoon figure hanging on gallery wall

Nayland Blake and Alix Pearlstein

June 3 - July 3, 1993


Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present a two person show in June of San Francisco Artist Nayland Blake and New Yorker Alix Pearlstein. Both artists work in an installation format and push in very different directions. Nayland has been receiving world-wide attention in galleries and museums in London, New York, Brussels, Cologne and Los Angeles. Alix has recently emerged in New York with loaded videos and room interferences.