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Peter Saul

November 22 – December 27, 2003

Dog eating hotdog, with sign reading 'dog eat dog'
Man with finger for a head
Man with misshapen head, with thought bubble reading 'art critics did this to me'
Cartoon of Fidel Castro, with cyclops eye
cartoon house
sketch of various cartoon creatures
Man running, with word bubble reading 'the worst fart in the world'
Monster with four eyes

November, 2003 

Peter Saul


Throughout his career Peter Saul has caricatured political and famous figures, celebrated taboo subjects, and dissected and reconstructed social issues, historical perspectives, religion and male-female relations. He bobs and weaves away from being pinned down artistically, even when it means debasing artists, art critics, the art world, and himself-- nothing is sacred and all of it is in brilliant color.