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Zoe Leonard


April 20 – May 18, 1991

Black and white photo of graveyard
black and white photo of cityscape
Install view

Zoe Leonard: Photographs
Saturday, April 20 - May 18
Opening Reception: April 20, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Trans Avant-Garde Gallery is proud to announce its next show: New York artist Zoe Leonard will be showing a grouping of her aerial photographs.

A lofty vantage point on the subject of man-made and natural structures and arenas (i.e. train tracks, city models, swelling waves, honeycombs, etc.) allows the viewer the distance to consider the subjects as part of a larger whole. We see enough of a structure to extrapolate its continuation; at the same time, we see enough details to recognize its components. This microcosmic/macrocosmic approach leaps from the visual to the political arena, upon further consideration of the subjects.

We are exposed not only to harmony and pattern in light and dark, but also to diagnostic analysis of that which surrounds us all. Although the viewer's point of view plays a determining role in his or her understanding of these works, the insistence on examination and reexamination of structure will lead us to heightened awareness.

These images are a sub-set of Leonard's larger body of work that includes film and video as well as non-aerial photography. The political charge may have higher voltage in some of Leonard's more overtly radical projects (such as "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" collaborative video-installation with Catherine Saalfield), but her audience is always compelled to sense her subversive energy, via her critical eye.

The show is concurrent and complimentary to an exhibition of other recent work in the Matrix Gallery Of The University Art Museum in Berkeley.