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Margaret Lee in The New York Times

In talking about Dennis Freedman, the creative director of Barneys New York, the artist Margaret Lee immediately mentions his avant-garde furniture collection — such a boundary-pushing sight to behold that it informed parts of her 2014 show “Closer to Right Than Wrong/ Closer to Wrong Than Right,” specifically the size and arrangement. Now, the pair is picking up the dialogue again, collaborating on a series of windows for Barneys and bringing New Yorkers into the conversation. “What you see downtown,” Freedman explains, referring to the pair of dioramas on Seventh Avenue, “started with a discussion of spaces that people live in — and the spaces they create to present themselves in a certain way — and we focused on the kitchen.” He and Lee explored, and exaggerated, the idea that in some homes, the room is rarely used for cooking (which Freedman describes as neither right nor wrong, rather, “it is what it is”). Scroll over the photographs above and below to learn more about their concept.