The Something

October 2, 2009

Press Release

Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco
Friday, October 2, 2009


Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to announce a one-night-only happening, developed by Shaun O’Dell’s class of students at the California College of Art, San Francisco in Spring, 2009. Individuals attending are encouraged to participate by bringing their own instrument, video camera or video projector.


Through the use of telepathic communication we have come together to define and activate THE SOMETHING. Operating outside the competitive modes of capitalist production, the use of telepathy challenges all presumed artistic autonomy.


This is a capitalist sun-ra French revolution, healing crystal pendulum, the Middle East is our friend, Boris Groys, the astrolosociopolitical clash of civilizations is an elitist lie, Emma Kunz, Situationist, outerspace, neverending story, pyramid-hat inspired performance of invisible communication, accompanied by feedback projections, noise, and automatic drawings.


What happens cannot necessarily be accounted for; telepathy with something celestial, and our own altered states of consciousness.


We are interested in inspiring collective creativity, and an intersubjective experience for both "I" and ‘thou.’