17 Projects for 17 Reasons, 2003

Mungo Thomson

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17 Projects for 17 Reasons by Mungo Thomson was published in conjunction with the show, 17 REASONS... that was held from November 1-30, 2003. The show was a series of temporary interventions around the Mission District in San Francisco curated by Kate Fowle and Jack Hanley. Artists in show included John Baldessari, Kathrin Boehm, Anne Collier, Jeremy Deller, Trisha Donnelly, Simon Evans, Mark Harris, Matthew Higgs, Dean Hughs, Jo Jackson, Colter Jacobsen, Chris Johanson, Kevin Killian, Ann Lislegand, Mads Lynnerup, Euan Macdonald, Jarret Mitchel, Julio Morales, Scott Myles, Annee Olofsson, Simon Periton, Will Rogan, Joe Sola, Mungo Thomson, and Erwin Wurm.


20 pages, Published by Mungo Thompson.