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Andrea Zittel

The A-Z Administrative Services 1993 Living Unit by Zittel

March 31 – May 1, 1993

Foldable wood kitchen, with closet and storage space.
Kitchen folded into wooden box
Framed pattern works
Installation view showing painted carpet, as well as foldable kitchens
side view of foldable living spaces
closeup of foldable living spaces
Small framed pattern works
Foldable living space with cot bed
exhibition poster

March 15, 1993

Andrea Zittel

For the month of April, Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present a conceptual installation by New York artist Andrea Zittel. The installation will feature two "living units," as well as painted carpets and couache drawings. Working with the idea of controlled evolution, these compact unites are constructed of a steel and wood framework, stovetops and sinks, and are meant to provide one with all the necessities for daily liviging (furniture, appliances, etc). They are, according to the artist, "...a small memorial to all the noble and heroic aspirations on enlightening society through design and structures of order and clarity." The unites are meant to provide a sense of order for daily human needs, an ideal which can be modified and adapted depending on individual desires, yet which also allows us to examine "the arbitrary nature of hierarchical systems."