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Uncertain Future

March 3 – 19, 2022

Giant Mark Zuckerberg head in a lab, his brains are exploding out of his skull
Shipping crates stacked on top of one another, "Netflix" is written across one
stacked shipping crates with google logo and satellite dish
Installation View
nude bodies on their knees in a line with goggles on
Installation View
Giant robot looking down on huddled human bodies in a lab
Giant Mark Zuckerberg head with normal-sized people standing and looking
Jeff bezos hot air balloon head with empty crates in wasteland
Broken giant computer with tiny men in yellow suits sitting on it
Satellite on hilltop surrounded by grazing sheep
Uncertain Future Installation View
run down storefront in desert in apple logo
Jezz Bezos with penises on his face in a hazardous dump
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View

Jack Hanley Gallery is excited to present Uncertain Future, Beeple’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, is a digital artist working in various media, including short films and Creative Commons VJ loops. He is best known for introducing NFTs to the mainstream through his Everydays, an extensive series of drawings and renderings, created and posted online each day for over fourteen years. In this exhibition, Beeple’s works will expand from the digital realm into the physical space and will feature prints of digital renderings, drawings and paintings.


The artist states:


This show hopes to spur a dialogue about the outsized role of big tech companies in our lives and how that *might* play out in the future. As we continue to be complicit through the use of these services, these companies and their founders have an increasing impact on many aspects of how our society will look in the future. The science-fiction themes found in these works are presented in a tongue-in-cheek way but also meant to shine a light on real trends that are occurring today. As technological advances in disparate sectors of the economy combine this will have a multiplying effect and the seemingly bizarre, unintended consequences of technology will become an ever-increasing factor in modern life.


TLDR; things are gonna get weird. - Beeple



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