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Chris Johanson

Relationistism About Brownness

October 6 – November 3, 2001

interior of artist castle
talking heads
Energy wall painting
Balloon heads

Chris Johanson

October 6-November 3, 2001

Opening: Saturday, October 6 from 7-9pm   


Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present a show of recent work by Bay Area artist Chris Johanson. Chris’s art, which ranges from drawings, prints and paintings to installation and video, has lately been the subject of much attention. He is best known for his irreverent, dead-on portraits of street culture and the yuppies, hippies, hipsters, losers, and drunkards who inhabit it. In his lively, haphazard installations, scaled environments and characters cut from rescued scraps of wood sprawl across gallery floors and dangle from ceilings while drawings and paintings crowd the walls. In recent work, Chris toys with the tenants of conceptually-based and minimalist art. He has exhibited widely, both in the US and internationally. Highlights include a solo exhibition at the UCLA Hammer Museum; “East Meets West” at the ICA in Philadelphia; the MCA in Denver; and an upcoming show at Deitch Projects in New York. Further information and images are available from the gallery.