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D.L. Alvarez


September 7 – 30, 1995

folded work shirts on gallery floor
folded work shirts on gallery floor


Mixed media project by D-L Alvarez

September 7-30, 1995


Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present San Francisco Artist, D-L Alvarez. The body of work to be shown here relates to a car shooting across the street from the artist, and the ensuing altars put in honor of the victim. D-L has drawn animated cels of flowers opening and closing, and this video will be part of the installation, along with sound and other media. D-L Alvarez has recently had a one-man show of his work in London, and last year did a project with this gallery in Ghent, Belgium. There will be simultaneous showing of his work at the nearby Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena.