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Emma Kohlmann

Glowing In The Dark

October 15 – November 14, 2020

Gallery installation view of multiple Emma Kohlmann paintings and wooden benches
Gallery installation view of multiple Emma Kohlmann paintings and wooden benches
Gallery installation view of multiple Emma Kohlmann paintings and wooden benches
Gallery installation view of multiple Emma Kohlmann paintings and wooden benches
Acrylic painting of three huddled persons in engraved wooden frame
Close up of butterfly, bird, and person
Acrylic piece showing spiderweb with images of people
Acrylic piece showing an array of people and animals
Acrylic piece showing red person forming circle around groups of people, animals
Acrylic piece displaying centered faces among larger swirls
Acrylic painting showing spiraling green vine
Blue people forming the leaves of a plant
Watercolor and ink featuring plants and people
Watercolor and ink piece showing person with others standing on their shoulders
Watercolor and ink showing large blue body
Watercolor drawing of six individuals holding hands in a circle
Hung ceramic showing couple in bed next to sleeping dog
Engraved phallic shaped ceramic
Hung ceramic piece resembling aqueduct
Engraved ceramic pieces showing bodies, faces, and insects

Jack Hanley Gallery is excited to present ​Glowing In The Dark, ​Emma Kohlmann’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. In a range of media the works in the show encompass watercolors on paper, paintings with individually etched frames, ceramics, and a composition of nature sounds in collaboration with sound artist and friend, Sean Duram. Uniquely shaped and etched benches invite visitors to linger in an oasis that offers a place of tranquillity in times of collective unease.


Like an enchanted forest, both ancient and futuristic, Kohlmann’s installation creates an immersive environment with a symbolism drawn from flora, fauna, ancient statues, mythologies or figurines. Human-like plants, leaves, fabulous figures and butterflies inhabit a world that channels Kohlmann’s unfiltered stream of consciousness. Poetic and humorous, tender and bold, the characters seem to live in a universe that is formed right in between the space of Kohlmann’s mind and hand - an immediacy and intimacy that is palpable throughout her work.


The absence of traditional compositions or naturalistic proportions in the work takes away any sense of hierarchical order. Instead, plants, animals and humans morph into interchangable entities and coexist peacefully. This sentiment of equality is not only noticeable within the imagery but in the variety of techniques. Each medium, each piece, is treated with equal care and becomes part of an
all-embracing Gesamtkunstwerk.


Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989 in the Bronx, NY) lives and works in Florence, MA. She received her B.A. from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including solo exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery, The Austin University, TX, Nationale, Portland, OR, and Kit Gallery, Tokyo. Selected group exhibitions include the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, OR, MOCA Tucson, AZ, Stems, Brussels and , New York, NY. Kohlmann publishes her own artist’s books, zines and made various record covers for music labels.


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