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Michelle Blade

The Elliptical Good-Kind

July 5 - August 8, 2008 SF

Painting of figures holding outstretched torches

It was Always Burning, 2007
acrylic and ink on duralar
22 x 26.5 inches

Moonlit landscape with barren branches

Meteor Shower (We Are Like the Not Yet Full Moon), 2007
ink, acrylic on Dura-lar
53 x 64.5 inches

Greyscale abstract

Reach Out and Touch The Unverse, I'd Like Us All to Experience Something Special at the Same Time, 2008
acrylic, ink & oil on Dura-lar
72 x 60 inches

Moonlit landscape with two figures outlined

Untitled (Celebration), 2008
oil on panel
45 x 35 inches

Sculpture encircled by bricks

Wishing Well, 2008
acrylic and ink on duralar, bricks, coins
22 inches, diameter


Michelle Blade
The Elliptical Good-Kind
July 5 - August 8, 2008
Opening reception: Saturday, June 5h, 6-9pm
In 389 Valencia Street

In 389 Valencia, the Jack Hanley Gallery will present The Elliptical Good Kind., an exhibit of largescale paintings on Dura-lar by San Francisco based artist Michelle Blade. Using Dura-lar as her primary work surface, Blade paints in simultaneously gestural and restrained styles, highlighting the extreme variances between her subjects. The significant difference in size of the subjects, further distinguishes their relationship. Bringing to mind a Romantic sublimity, Blade accentuates the vastness of nature, while expressing a harmonious human connection to it.

Michelle Blade was born in Los Angeles, CA and received an MFA from CCA. Her work has been exhibited at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Parklife and Electric Works in San Francisco, at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen and Space 1026 in Philadelphia.