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Our Insular Puerile World: Original Artworks From McSweeny's No. 13

Mark Beyer, Jeffrey Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, David Collier, Julie Doucet, David Heatley, Rob Kaz, Richard McGuire, John Porcellino, Archer Prewitt, Ron Rege Jr., Richard Sala, Adrian Tomine & Chris Ware

June 10 – July 31, 2004

Gallery view of two comic style pieces
detail of comic panel
comic panels of woman sleeping at night
adriane tomine comic panel
adrian tomine comic panel
Adrian Tomine comic panel
drawing of skinny woman in bikini
drawing of woman in bikini holding ice cream
comic panel of bird perched on telephone wire
comic book panels of man kicking ice cream
blue risograph comic panel
comic book image of woman staring forward

Jack Hanley Gallery

395 and 389 Valencia St., 522-1623

Tues –Sat. 11am –6pm

Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition which will be mounted in both the 395 and 389 Valencia Street galleries and will feature the original artwork included in the latest edition of McSweeney’s Quarterly.  Edited by renowned comic artist Chris Ware (author of the graphic novel, Jimmy Corrigan - the Smartest Kid on Earth), this is the first issue of this quarterly journal that is in an entirely graphic format. 

Featured in the show is Chris Ware along with other well-recognized comic book artists such as Daniel Clowes (author of Eightball and Ghostworld), Richard McGuire, Adrian Tomine, Ronald J. Rege, Jr., David Collier, Julie Doucet, Ben Katchor, Ivan Brunetti, Richard Sala, Jeffrey Brown, John Porcellino, Archer Prewitt, Gary Panter, David Heatley, Jeff Brown, Richard McGuire, and Charles Burns.