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Richard Prince, Paul McCarthy and Daniel Oates

November 5 – 28, 1992

Still photos of people posing on motorcycles
Marlboro man still photos
Photo of marlboro man heading cattle
Woman posing on motorcycle, photo
Photo of person in leather jacket on motorcycle
Photo of topless woman on motorcycle

New Editions: Richard Prince, Paul McCarthy and Daniel Oates

Dates: November 5 - 28, 1992

In November, Jack Hanley Gallery will be showing a new photographic edition by New York artist Richard Prince, "Cowboys & Girlfriends." With this new edition, Prince continues the re-photography for which he has been  known since the late 1970's. "Cowboys & Girlfriends" is comprised of two of the artist's classic images: Cowboys and Biker Girlfriends. In the edition, 3 cowboy photographs and 9 girlfriend photographs are accompanied by two of Prince's gangs which grid and re-present the individual portraits. As seminal postmodern artworks these images have become icons - not only for their imaging of popular culture, but also for their centrality in the art of this time.


Also showing with Prince are sculptural editions by Paul McCarthy and Daniel Oates. McCarthy continues his exploration of the human body in his piece "Patrick, Peter, Pecker, Leg." Oate's scultpure "Lunchbox & Thermos" continues his "Happy Worker" series with a cast worker's thermos and lunchbox, elevating the commonplace to the heroic.