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Simone Shubuck

In The Clutches of My Clutches

October 5 – November 4, 2006

floral collage painting

In the Clutches of my Clutches


circular style painting with black figure and bird

Circle of Trust DISASTER

abstract white figure with flowers

Dude You Are Totally Killing My Vibe


small black figure clutching yellow bird

Guston-y Shade

flower with sad face

Hova Says

circle drawing with abstracted flowers

Kissing Birds Mind Fuck

circular drawings with black figure inside

Malaise Despite Booty

circular drawing attached to flower stem

Monster Crusher Dianthanus


monsters having sex with abstract figures overtop

Monster Party Party Monster


small figures

Mutual Adoration Fund

faces painted over abstract shapes

Queen Sized Fortune

mountain made of flowers

Tornaflate Rock

Simone Shubuck
Simone Shubuck In the Clutches of my ClutchesOCTOBER 5 – NOVEMBER 4, 2006