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Tauba Auerbach


May 4 – 26, 2007

Tauba Auerbach, installation view
Tauba Auerbach, framed pieces with wording obscured by black blocking
Exhibition publication leaning on table in gallery
Typography pieces, reading military alphabet and alternative variation
multicolored lettering on black background reading 'the answer wasn't there'
Tauba Auerbach, typography piece reading 'startling'
Characters spelling 'silent' and 'listen' on black background
Framed black and white checkered abstract
Tauba Auerbach gallery installation view
Written arabic numerals, multicolor on read background
Written alphabet, with multiple colors on black background
Lined wording, reading 'Uh Huh'
Green and white stylized artist poster
Tauba Auerbach The Answer/Wasn't HereMAY 4 - 26, 2007