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Donald Urquhart

No Axe To Grind

September 9 – October 7, 2006

Poster of cowboy horse, reading 'horsed-over'
Poster of man in glasses reading 'CISCO CLONE'
Poster of man in muscle tee, reading 'sodorn moderne'
Poster of man's profile, reading 'where is your teen?'
Poster of man by golden gate, reading 'your town!'
poster reading, 'no I really hate this'
Poster of doll, reading 'humble hate figure for the under-5's'
Poster reading 'the president of the united states of hate'
Poster of man in ascot, reading 'God you're dumb'
poster of snail, reading 'escargot channing, to be had for the price of a cheap cocktail, like a salted peanut'
Poster of person sitting, reading 'masturbation isn't wrong'
Donald Urqhart
Donald Urqhart No Axe To GrindSEPTEMBER 9 – OCTOBER 7, 2006